Drone Services

Drone Aerial Surveying, GPS & Mapping

Accurate and effective irrigation design starts with a precise base map. Drone technology allows us to create fast and affordable high resolution maps of your golf course or other property.

Old-school mapping systems involve rackfuls of paper, uncertain accuracy and one-dimensional function. We have the expertise and technology to modernize your entire mapping system –from irrigation to complete golf course or field mapping – to easily integrate with your other applications.

Using an AutoCAD and Global Positioning System (GPS), we record course features such as fairways, tees, greens, cart paths, buildings, and trees using our terrain-corrected, GPS-accurate digital aerial photography (orthophoto). This method of collecting course features is more exact and cost-effective than “walking” each feature on the ground using a GPS backpack. We also separately point-map surface irrigation features that are too small to see in the aerial photos – such as sprinkler heads, valve boxes, quick couplers, satellite controllers and wire splice boxes – using GPS equipment.

The final digital map shows your GPS irrigation “as-built” precisely over-fitted onto your geo-referenced aerial photo course map.

If you have only a paper map of the irrigation system, AII can convert it into a digital image using a high-resolution, 50-inch map scanner. The image can be rubber-sheeted to overlay the aerial imagery, allowing accurate transfer of irrigation information from the paper map to the digital map.

We also offer a hard copy 3D model of the data collected for showcase purposes for club or public representation. This can aid in presenting to a board or others by giving them a visual representation of what’s currently there and what you’re proposing, or simply provide a unique perspective of your Park or golf course.

Drone Aerial Survey (Land) Mapping

We understand our clients have a number of options when it comes to surveying their projects and golf courses. Our company prides itself on our communication, technologies, and our by-the-book methodology.

Specifically, for golf courses and sports fields, these values ensure that your data is always a hole-in-one. The density of our data creates a much better model for you and your team’s design and as-built. Not only are our models extremely accurate, but our technologies reveal the interplay of all the data we gather.

We are fully licensed, insured, and confidential about your data.

Drone images offer the following advantages:

  • Inexpensive
  • Quick
  • Excellent resolution. Detail can be enhanced to a very high level by flying at low altitudes. Our averages are between 1-2cm ground sampling distance (between points) with vertical accuracies of 1-5cm depending on purpose of flight. Horizontal accuracies are usually 1-3cm.
  • Elevation contours are accurate and available at .25m intervals or better depending on the camera used

Aerial Videography and Photography

Aerial photos and videos capture the full beauty and unique terrain of your golf course or sports field better than ground-level images. A ball’s-eye-view creates an expansive and immersive portrait; lending itself to innovative marketing collateral, increasing membership, and attracting exciting talent. Our drone pilots are skilled in capturing effective drone golf course photography and will work with your communications team to create imagery that tells golfers your course provides an elevated experience.

Multi Spectrum Surveying / Lidar

Anything with a temperature above absolute zero is going to emit infrared radiation. Viewing objects through a thermal imaging camera will enable you to see variations in temperature to detect elements in the environment without light. For example: aerial thermal imaging can help safety personnel fight wildfires or perform surveillance. In the construction industry, it can help detect water leaks or energy loss. In agriculture, thermal or near-infrared aerial imagery can aid in crop production applications.

Data from multispectral remote sensing drones provides essential feedback to the health of a golf course or sport field. Multispectral sensor data can detect problems from pests, disease, invasive weeds and stress to greens, fairways, rough, shrubs, trees and field turf long before the naked eye will notice.

AI’s drones are equipped with the latest technology for radiometric thermal imaging, NDVI and Red Edge technology. The data you receive from our flights is the most accurate, repeatable and of the highest resolution available. This data allows you to make informed, accurate decisions about your property. The cost savings by having recurring flights can easily pay for itself in labor, chemical and fertilizer costs. The monetary cost savings and sustainable operation are just two of the many advantages to using our services.

Digital Work and Yardage Books

AI can help you create a digital yardage book for smart devices that far surpasses paper-based books. Forget drawings and animations — our drone will capture actual course imagery and videos that are aesthetic and accurate. The digital yardage book also shows caddy tips and yardage, and works on any mobile device. The workbooks can be utilized for site maintenance and as built purposes. Layers with irrigation locations, site assets and any other utilities can be added. Organize and communicate your daily ground crews by means of the work book. Mowing patterns can be laid out, pin placements, line painting, stand locations, even areas to be weed wacked can be placed for individuals to be sent out to avoid misinterpretation.

If digital is just not possible for your situation, we can also provide hole by hole workbooks with lamination for dry erase markups in the same manner as above.